Sushil Pokhrel

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor
QEAC No: V064
Diploma of Marketing and Communication, ECA

Sushil has been worked many renowned companies as a Marketing Manager as well as in Brimta Education and Recruitment Service for many years. As a marketing manager, he was responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote the services offered by the organization. This role allowed him to utilize his business acumen and marketing skills effectively.

Building upon his knowledge and experience, in October 2022, Sushil Pokhrel embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture. He co-founded Immense Visa & Education Service, establishing the company’s headquarters in Canberra, Australia, and opening its first branch office in Nepal. As a co-founder, he assumed a leadership role, overseeing the operations of the business and providing visa and education counselling services to clients.
Sushil Pokhrel’s journey showcases his dedication to education, professional growth, and entrepreneurial spirit as he navigates various roles and ventures in the fields of business, marketing, and education services.