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About Us

Immense Visa & Education

Immense Visa and Education Service is a qualified, multi-faceted education and immigration consultancy firm dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
We provide a broad range of services to students who want to study in Australia, from helping them choose the best university to apply for a visa to welcoming them to the country and helping them settle in.

Our friendly, courteous, and personalised services strive to provide honest, up-to-date, accurate information. Besides helping students select the best courses and universities, we assist them throughout the process - from the application process to VISA documentation, and the VISA decision.

As a study and career counselling service, we aim to support students in making better decisions and achieving their objectives rather than trying to sell them on our aspirations. We provide students in Australia and Nepal with the best immigration counselling and assistance with Australian education.

We also offer counselling and support with visa application procedures to foreign students studying in Australia. As part of our assistance to foreign students, we also facilitate their integration and adaptation to Australian culture.

We provide our students with the best recommendations based on their career goals, by analysing their academic profiles and the Australian education and educational providers that they are suited for.

Our Mission

Our aim is to establish ourselves as one of Australia's leading migration and education consulting firms, assisting students in identifying the courses and programs that best match their academic needs and financial situation. Also, we aim to provide excellent service to our clients and use clear communication, faster and easier application processes, and successful outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help international students achieve their study abroad goals and to guide them in achieving their career goals in order to build a bright future. We strive to cultivate an environment of honesty and dependability as we assist clients on their journey to and within Australia.

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Why Choose Immense Visa & Education

We provide comprehensive counselling services to our students and take the guesswork out of the process. Our agents and counsellors are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about all issues that may concern an international student, including changes in rules and regulations. We regularly hold workshops, as well as self-development and evaluation sessions, using new training methodologies and technologies, to ensure that all of our agents and counsellors stay up to date. To maintain their subject-matter expertise, the agents and counsellors keep up with current events. We also place a strong emphasis on every task being completed with accuracy, professionalism, and innovation.

Our Strengths

  • Staff with extensive experience and expertise

  • Quick response to client needs

  • High staff productivity leads to quick application processing

  • Real-time application tracking using an automated and computerized system

  • Maintaining constant client privacy and interest

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